WPI Financial Services

Loan Criteria

Loan Amount $250,000 to $5,000,000
Loan Purposes
  • Acquire, construct, or renovate commercial real estate
  • Acquire machinery and equipment
  • Permanent working capital
  • Refinance existing business debt
  • Acquire an existing business or finance business start-up
Business / Property Types Retailers, Hotels/Motels, Restaurants, Gas Stations/Convenience Stores, Manufacturers, Child Care Providers, Adult Care Providers, Assisted Living Centers, Auto Repair Shops, Car Washes, Professional Service Providers, Recreation Facilities
Collateral Commercial real estate (where available), other business assets, personal assets
Types of Businesses Financed Privately held, for-profit businesses
Level of Funding Up to 100% of project costs
Maturity Up to 25 years, fully amortizing with no balloon payments
Borrowing Costs
  • Interest rates may be variable over prime or fixed
  • Fees vary from 1% to 3% of loan amount plus servicing fees for construction loans
Recourse Owner guarantee required